Secondary Members

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Purlins and Girts


Purlins are used on the roofing structure; Grits are used on the walls and Eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof. Purlins and girts shall be cold-formed ā€œZā€ sections with stiffened flanges.

Eave Struts


Eave struts shall be unequal flange cold-formed ā€œCā€ sections. Eave struts are 200 mm deep with a 104 mm wide top flange, a 118 mm wide bottom flange, both are formed parallel to the roof slope. Each flange has a 24 mm stiffener lip.



Cable bracing is a primary member that ensures the stability of the building against forces in the longitudinal direction such as wind, cranes, and earthquakes. Diagonal bracing in the roof and side walls shall be used.

Open Steel Web Steel Joists


The main use of Open steel web steel joints is to provide support for the roof or floor deck and to transfer the load imposed on the deck to the structural frames (beam and column). Using a steel joist and steel deck system for floor and roof construction has proven to be an effective solution resulting in substantial savings.