Roof Wall

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Ribbed steel is used as roof and wall sheeting. The sheets are generally produced from steel coils having thickness 0.47 mm to 0.8 mm high tensile steel. We should be a focus on roofing panels that should sustain snow loads as well as cyclonic winds. The panel conforms to ASTM A792M Grade 340/550 MPA and is coated with a protective layer of Galvalume, which is a 42.5% zinc and 55 % aluminium alloy coating (150 GSM). Panels are available in 4 nominal thicknesses: 0.475 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.55 mm, 0.76 mm and in all standard colours.


Our sheeting is a multi-layer coated profile to ensure a longer life under different weather conditions and enhanced aesthetics. Claddings can be used for roofs and walls.

PUF Panels

The main use of puf panels is to cover main steel frame. Sandwich panels comprise an exterior metal skin, a Polyurethane core and an interior flat skin made of metal.

Paints and Finishes

All the primary and secondary steels are coated with red oxide. for special cases of paints, the structure passed through a shot-blast booth for better anti-corrosion.

Doors and Windows

MS or Aluminium framed doors and windows are fixed to the purlins or the supporting profiled steel either by welding or bolted to the flanges already fixed to the purlins.